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Experiencing The Holidays

The holiday season is now underway.  Christmas decorations on Main Streets, in front yards, and in big box stores went...

Guest Author December 1, 2016

Families – Always a Factor

It was already a truism in mental health circles more than sixty years ago: when a “problem” child is brought...

Guest Author November 4, 2016

When Summer Ends, What Begins?

Whether or not a person – therapist, client/patient, or anyone – actually takes a summer vacation, there is a universal...

Guest Author September 1, 2016

Temptations in Clinical Encounters

By definition, a temptation is an individual inner urge to break an external community rule.  Our community of psychotherapists has...

Guest Author August 24, 2016

When Death Threatens Someone Close to the Therapist – What to Expect – Really, not Ideally

We know how to deal with grief in our clients/patients.  We know how to help someone who is very ill...

Guest Author July 22, 2016

What if You Just Don’t Like the Person? Professional responsibilities and limitations

We therapists are generally supposed to be able to provide some form of helpful psychotherapy to any and all who...

Guest Author June 15, 2016

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