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Avoiding Liability – Quick Tips and Reminders

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - December 2015 BRIEF REMINDERS / TOPICS The following reminders / topics are not in order of...

Richard Leslie May 24, 2016

Fee Arrangements

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - October 2008 … Once in a while, therapists or counselors ask about the propriety of charging...

Richard Leslie May 24, 2016

Helping the Client in Tough Economic Times?

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - April 2009 … The issues that are discussed in this piece are not new, nor are...

Richard Leslie May 24, 2016

Dual Relationships

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - May 2013 … Suppose a therapist or counselor allows the payment of a patient’s bill to...

Richard Leslie May 24, 2016

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