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Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and/or Neglect: A Liability Concern?

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - February 15, 2018 As you are hopefully aware, nurses are among the health care providers who...

Nancy Brent February 15, 2018

Utah Nurse Refuses to be an “Agent” of the Utah Police

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - September 15, 2017 Throughout my many years of practicing law, I have presented seminars and programs...

Nancy Brent September 15, 2017

Discharge Instructions and Liability

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - August 1, 2017 When a patient is discharged from a health care facility, the patient’s discharge...

Nancy Brent August 1, 2017

Nursing Assistants Violate Resident’s Privacy and Other Rights

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - April 1, 2017 We live in a “social media” era.  You can take photos with your...

Nancy Brent April 3, 2017

Advocating For Patients Is An Essential New Year’s Resolution

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - January 1, 2017 The New Year is upon us and customarily, you are expected to make resolutions...

Nancy Brent January 3, 2017

Shortcuts In Patient Care Are Legally Unsound

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - December 15, 2016 Probably all of you at one time or another have been tempted to take...

Nancy Brent December 16, 2016

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