This Cyber Monday, we’re talking digital: Does Netflix make you a better person?

A recent study linked television dramas to theory on the mind. It’s findings revealed that watching intricate television dramas can in fact raise your emotional IQ, specifically by making your more empathetic.

Two experiments were tested. In the first experiment, a group of 100 people were told to either watch a fictional or nonfictional tv show. Afterwards, they took an emotional intelligence test. The people who watched a fictional tv drama scored higher on this test. They added a control group into the second study, finding similar results still. Researchers also noted that those who watched a nonfictional show scored higher than those who did not watch tv at all.

As a counselor, this indicates that the shows your clients are binge watching could provide more insight than you think. Don’t jump to tell them “no” the next time they mention they’ve spent their weekend binge watching a Netflix series. While TV shouldn’t interrupt your client’s daily routines and obligations, it can be beneficial to maximizing their emotional intelligence during down time. Ask them about the type of shows they watch, and when they typically schedule it in during the day to gain a better understanding of their television habits and how it relates to their emotional intelligence.

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