Don’t forget the neurodiagnostic technologists and professionals in your life. Why? It’s Neurodiagnostic Week! Celebrate the profession that your mental health care practice could not function without!

The What of Neurodiagnostics: 

According to ASET – The Neurodiagnostic Society, neurodiagnostics “analyze and monitor nervous system function to promote the effective treatment of neurological diseases and conditions.”

Who are Neurodiagnostics Professionals? 

“Neurodiagnostic technologists record electrical activity arising from the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves using a variety of techniques and instruments,” (ASET). These are people who run and analyze:

  • EEGs – Electroencephalography
  • EPs – Evoked Potentials
  • IONM – Intrasperative Neuromonitoring
  • NCS – Nerve Conduction Studies
  • LTM – Long-Term Monitoring
  • PSG – Polysomnography/Sleep Technology

How to Celebrate!

There are many ways to celebrate this essential group in your mental health field. Here are the 9 best ways practices around the nation are currently celebrating Neurodiagnostic Week!

  1. Host a health fair for patients focusing on epilepsy and Neurodiagnostic services
  2. Have an open house! Take your staff to the Neurologic Department. Fun items include brain erasers and Jell-O Brains!
  3. Display a poster celebrating Neurodiagnostic week!
  4. Turn old paper EEGs into art projects on display – but don’t forget to remove any identifying information!
  5. The scientific approach: apply Fp1 and O2 on voluntary visitors; run a brief tracing and ask the patient to blink, smile, move his/her head, close his/her eyes, etc.
  6. Educate the world! Visit a middle school science class and talk about EEG, brain injuries, and seizures
  7. Get political! Request a Neurodiagnostic Week proclamation from your local government and invite them to present the proclamation at your event. For more info, click here
  8. Attract through the media! Download the Neurodiagnostic Week press release template, then send out the details to your local news and allied health organizations in your community

It’s important to honor, thank and remind neurodiagnostic professionals this week! Remind the public of the many neurological issues in the mental health care field, and get involved in making your technologists feel a part of the team! You couldn’t do it without them!

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