Santa’s not the only one who’s making a list and checking it twice, you should be too! The end of the year is often the time to tie up all those loose ends. In December, many people take time to organize piles of paperwork and file away those important documents for safekeeping. It’s also the time for getting finances in order, as many people take this time to pull out all those old receipts, review expense reports, and start the process of filing taxes.

Between creating a budget for the new year and evaluating the state of your practice, be sure to review your professional liability insurance policy. December and January is the perfect time to renew your policy to ensure that you are properly covered for the upcoming year.

If you have a policy with CPH & Associates, reviewing your policy is as easy as making a phone call. We will be more than happy to discuss your policy with you and go over what you are covered for. When you decide that you are happy with the coverage being provided, you can renew online. There’s no need to wait until the last minute, as you are able to renew your policy up to 120 days before it expires. 60 days before your policy expires, CPH & Associates will mail you a printed copy of the renewal form that can be filled out and returned should you choose not to renew online.

If you currently have professional liability insurance with another provider, take the time to look critically at the coverage you have and don’t have. Don’t settle for sub-par service and mediocre coverage. Before renewing, it is advisable to look into alternative providers to ensure that your professional liability insurance is really working for you. Putting your best foot forward in the new year starts with having the best professional liability insurance available.

Year after year, people resolve to avoid stress and worry less in the new year. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure your Professional Liability Insurance Policy is providing the coverage you need.

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Over the last decade, more than 500,000 people chose CPH Insurance for liability insurance. Because our business is specialized, we are able to focus on your liability needs in a way that bigger companies are not. Our team of associates represent over 50 years of collective experience in this field, and we are able to serve a large client base while maintaining a small-office approach.