Can I submit my application online?

Category: Applying for and Renewing Coverage

Individual Professionals: Apply for a New Policy

Click here to receive an instant quote and apply for coverage.

Individual Professionals: Renew Your Existing Policy


  1. Log into your customer portal account to renew your existing CPH Malpractice Insurance policy.
  2. Click the My Account button above to log into your CPH customer portal account
  3. Once in the portal, click the green Renew my Policy button in the upper left-hand corner. This will direct you to the new CPH online application.
  4. Once your application and payment information have been approved, a copy of your policy documents will be automatically emailed to you.

Business Entities: Apply for a New Policy

Click here to apply online.

Business Entities: Renew Your Existing Policy

Renew online through your customer portal.