Do I qualify for any discounts?

Category: Applying for and Renewing Coverage

If you have recently (within the last 24 months) been licensed or certified for the first time* as a mental health professional, or if you have taken a continuing education course**, you may qualify for discounts. See the application for more detailed instructions.

NOTE: If you are considered Category D or E (Student, Post-master’s/Intern under supervision, Post-Doctoral under supervision, Psych. Assistant/Associate, or if you are required by your state to practice under supervision), you do NOT qualify for ANY discounts.

*You do not qualify for any Newly-Licensed discounts if you have held a previous license or certification in any state and/or if you have possessed the credentials (required by your state) to practice unsupervised for more than 24 months, if your state does not require licensure or certification to practice unsupervised, or if your state has just recently passed licensure laws where licensure was not previously available or required. The key here is that this discount is meant for new professionals, not people who have recently become licensed due to changes in state law or who elected to get a higher level of licensure than the minimum required to practice in your state.