Does CPH Insurance offer Business Income and Extra Expense coverage?

Category: Malpractice Insurance Coverage

Yes. CPH malpractice policy holders have the option to add Business Income & Extra Expense Coverage if they also add CPH TOP coverage (general liability and business personal property) to their policy. Together, these coverages provide protection for incidents related to slip and fall, damage to your personal property and potential loss of income as it relates to restoring your office space due to damage. This coverage is not available in Florida.

Business Income and Extra Expense coverage costs $50 per year for a $250,000 limit which would include:

  • The Loss of Business Income
  • Payroll Expenses
  • Temporary Practice Location

To review Business Income and extra Expense coverage details and exclusions, click here!

To add Business Income and Extra Expense coverage to your existing policy with CPH Insurance, login to your customer portal, select “Make Changes to My Policy” and submit a “General Change Request.”