How do I choose my category? What do the “employed and/or self-employed” hours mean?

Category: Applying for and Renewing Coverage

Categories A, B, and C are for professionals with full credentials (licensed, registered, or certified by your state). Category D is for students in practicum. Category E is for Post-Master’s or Post-Doctoral individuals who are NOT yet fully-licensed and are required to be supervised as they complete hours toward a license.

ALL categories cover an unlimited amount of EMPLOYED work, meaning work where you are a W-2 employee and have taxes taken from a paycheck. Do not factor these hours into making any distinctions between categories.

In order to choose among the 3 categories for fully licensed or certified professionals (categories A, B, and C), choose your category based on the average number of hours you work a week as a SELF-EMPLOYED therapist (NO taxes taken out of your paycheck).

Special Cases: LEP, School Psych, and Psych Assistant/Associate are Category E.