I am already insured with CPH Insurance. How do I renew my policy?

Category: Making Policy Changes

Save time — renew online! Individuals may renew online up to 120 days prior to your policy expiration date.

Printed renewal notices are automatically mailed out to all customers at least 60 days prior to the date your policy expires. These notices are mailed to the address on file. If your mailing address changes, it is your responsibility to notify us in writing of your new mailing address. CPH Insurance is not responsible for renewal notices that are returned to our office as a result of incorrect mailing addresses.

Your policy will expire on the expiration date if the completed application and full valid payment have not been received by our office as of that date. Any “grace period” beyond the expiration date that is extended to an Insured for processing of the renewal application is done so as a courtesy and on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the underwriter. Any such “grace period” shall not extend beyond 30 days after the policy expiration date, and should you fail to complete the renewal process by the end of the “grace period,” the policy will expire on the previously designated policy expiration date. “Grace period” eligibility will be determined upon review of your completed renewal application by an underwriter. Any representations made to you by a customer service representative regarding potential eligibility for a “grace period” will not bind CPH Insurance to any obligation to award such a “grace period” if upon review of your file we determine you are ineligible.

NOTE: If circumstances require that you answer “yes” to any of the qualification questions on the renewal application, you will not be eligible for such a grace period, and the policy will expire on the designated expiration date if the application process has not been completed as of that date.