I filled out the online application and clicked “Purchase,” but nothing happened. What is wrong?

Category: Website Troubleshooting

Normally, the website demonstrates that it is processing your application by showing a scrolling message that says “Processing, please wait.” If you didn’t see this message, your internet browser may have timed out. Sometimes browsers (such as Internet Explorer) timeout after a page has been open for a certain length of time. When you successfully apply online, you should receive a confirmation page as well as an email showing your proof of coverage. To find out, first:

  • Check your email to see if your documents arrived. It can take a few minutes for your documents to be generated and sent to you. Make sure to check any “Spam” or “Bulk” folders that may filter out messages from unknown senders.
    Try to look up your policy documents through our customer portal. Once a policy has been issued, your documents will be available to download.
  • Log into your customer portal account to retrieve your proof of coverage or other policy documents:
  • Click the My Account button above to log into your CPH customer portal account
  • Once in the portal, go to My Documents to retrieve your proof of coverage (certificate of insurance) or other policy documents

Contact us if you would like us to check and see if your application was submitted OR reapply by web, mail, or fax.

  • If your internet browser timed out, most likely the application was not submitted to our database. If your credit card has not been charged, we have not processed your application, and you may try again online. If filling out the application again, try to complete it as quickly as possible to avoid another timeout.