Is it OK to let my policy lapse?

Category: Making Policy Changes

Generally speaking, while you are practicing it is recommended that you always maintain continuous coverage. If you allow your policy to lapse, you will have to reapply for a new policy. If you have had 2 or more lapsed or canceled policies with CPH Insurance, you are ineligible for another policy with our company.

If you must allow your policy to lapse because you will not be practicing for an indefinite time period (e.g. due maternity leave, a break between completion of your professional degree and receipt of your license, a break between the end of your student practicum and provisional licensure or intern registration, or to begin retirement), please notify us in writing prior to your policy expiration date so that we may mark your record and prevent lapse notices from being sent to you. If you choose to reapply at a later date, having pro-actively notified us of your impending lapse may allow us to make an exception to the 2-lapse rule (subject to underwriter approval).