What does “separate limits” mean on the Group Entity application?

Category: Malpractice Insurance Coverage

If you have a corporation providing mental health services, it can be sued separately as its own entity in addition to any suits against individual counselors that may be working for the corporation. Paying an extra 10% of the premium for “Separate Limits” gives the corporation name itself its own limits of liability (for example $1Million Occurrence/$3 Million Aggregate) in addition to the existing ($1/3 Million) limits of liability covering all individuals listed under the policy. “Shared limits” means that if the corporate entity is sued in addition to any individuals, the $1/3 Million limits of liability must be shared between them, and the coverage may be exhausted more quickly.

NOTE: Separate limits will only be issued in amounts identical to those covering the individuals listed on the policy (e.g. $1/3 Million limits; $1/3 Million separate limits). Separate limits are NOT available in denominations differing from the main set of limits (e.g. $1/3 Million limits; $2/4 Million separate limits).