What if I have more than one license/occupation that I need coverage for?

Category: Applying for and Renewing Coverage

The general rule is that as long as both licenses types fit the profile of what we normally insure, you pay the higher premium of the 2 licenses (e.g. if you are a clinical psychologist and an MFT, you would pay the psychologist rate), but there is no additional charge to cover the second license. However, if the additional occupation requested is irregular and does not appear in the list of insurable occupations on our homepage, or if you are requesting that we cover additional services provided (such as mediation, biofeedback, or hypnotherapy) that are considered to fall outside of the normal scope of your licensure, there will be a charge for an additional 10% of your premium for adding the additional occupation/set of services.

If you would like coverage for more than one license or additional services provided outside the scope of your primary license, that can be done so with your online or paper application. If you already have a policy, additional occupations can be added online in your customer portal.

*Additional occupations are subject to underwriter approval.