Trainer insurance is fairly easy to apply for. If you are properly trained as a fitness instructor you can apply for fitness instructor insurance. What does it mean to have “proper training” as a fitness professional?

Proper training means you have either been trained through an accredited certification program or you have gone to school and received a degree in exercise science or physiology.  Either one of these scenarios will qualify you as a fitness professional and allows you to obtain fitness insurance.

An online instant quote is readily available through our website, or if you go through the full online application process and are approved, proof of coverage is provided within a few minutes of completing the online application. Some companies may have you go through a longer process requiring you to print an application, send it in and wait for days. At CPH Insurance, we believe in speed and ease for the application process which is why we have created a digital process for applying.

The online application is a simple process that collects a series of information such as desired policy limits, associations you belong to, employment status, part-time or full-time status, effective date, etc. At the end of the application you have an opportunity to pay for the year policy directly online. Upon approval of the application, policy documents will be sent within minutes and the policy will be active. Documents can also be accessed online.

Fitness insurance is a great investment into your career, protecting you against the threat of a lawsuit should one of your clients be injured during a session. For as low as $75 for the year, you can protect your career against unforeseen mishaps that could occur at any time.

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