Down for a little adventure with your workout? Plan a trip in 2016 to one of the top rated outdoor scenic places to workout in the U.S., or if you live in near one of the areas mentioned it a sure thing you’re going to want to check these spots out. Whether you’re into hiking, biking, running or swimming there’s a spot that has your name written all over it. 2016 is the time to cross another item off the bucket list and enjoy some time outside with amazing views.

Perhaps you are looking for something fun to do with a group of clients in the near future. Grab a few and plan a “Get Fit Session” outdoors, they will love each moment of the trip and the workout. Sometimes it’s just what you need to get outside and out of the gym, clear your head and put your body in motion with beautiful scenery to view. Nothing says clearing your head and starting the new year off right like a sunset run atop rocks overlooking the ocean, or a day of kayaking the Grand Marais in Minnesota.

5 Beautiful Places to workout in the U.S.

  1. Fruita, CO other known as the “Moab of Colorado” a mountain hikers dream. Take in the fresh air from the mountains in the morning along the Kokopeli trails – then enjoy more fun in the sun rafting down the Colorado river with a three-hour mellow float along the Blue Heron Run. Known for sunsets with reds, oranges, browns and yellows – there is none like it if you’re a mountain climbing, water rafting thrill seeker.
  1. Hawi, Big Island, HI – Next up on the list where mountains meet the ocean and a beautiful sunset. Surfing this island is a great way to burn off calories and steam. Hike a mountain in the morning, take in an afternoon surf in the afternoon and a sunset bike ride along the mountain side. The colors of the sky will create a blissful mindset while providing a great workout and phenomenal energy coming from the outdoors of this beautiful town. Wake up and repeat, a few days of this and your body will be completely reset.
  1. Big Sky, Montana – Do you prefer a cooler atmosphere with white flakes and snowy mountain tops? Now that will make for a winter wonderland activity for sure! Basking in the flurries of ski slopes and mountain ranges, Big Sky, Montana is perfect for a January getaway as an uncrowded place to visit. If you prefer coming in the summer instead, there is plenty of swimming and fishing to be had. This place is a perfect weekend getaway for outdoor lovers with a taste for fresh air.
  1. Santa Cruz, CA – Did someone say breathtaking views is a must?  This is the perfect location for an extra long swim or mountain biking through the freeride trail. A sunset run is beautiful, or if you’ve had enough exercise for one day drive along the coast as the sun sets watching the colors of the sky turn beautiful hues of yellow, orange and pink with the waves crashing next to you it the some of the most majestical views California has to offer.
  1.  Chattanooga, TN One of those areas in the U.S. with a little something for everybody. Whether it’s a run through the trees you’re craving, a rock climb up a mountain or a bike ride through town this city has exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to outdoor activities and adventure. Chattanooga also offers kayaking, canoeing and whitewater rafting almost year round. There are over a dozen local climbing spots. In the evening take in beautiful views of the mountains over a campfire with and great conversation.

Plan a trip, take a hike and get outdoors this winter or 2016. It will be a fun time for you, a fun time for your clients and a great way to shift your mindset for the new year. If you can’t get away right now, find something local and plan an outdoor activity close to home. When taking your clients out of the gym, it’s important to ensure your fitness instructor insurance protects both in gym workouts and off location workouts.

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