The enticing weather during the spring easily draws people outside. All fitness buffs and yogis are no exception to that. Because of their clients’ desire to train outdoors, many trainers can find the draw of the breezy weather perfect for training. Around this time, the atmosphere outside is perfect for training in large groups for classes like bootcamp, yoga, and pilates. Clients seem to flock to classes that allow them to take advantage of the improved weather. Logically, trainers will plan more outdoor activities during this time to meet their clients’ demands. If a trainer decides to schedule an event for yoga in the park, they need to be insured.

Trainers should be able to have flexibility over their final location for fitness sessions, especially those for large groups. However, with more clients, comes more liability. More liability means coverage is absolutely necessary. Liability without coverage can be harmful to any fitness instructor’s career.

Without insurance, trainers are vulnerable to lawsuits that can arise at any moment during a session because of an injury. Clients can become injured by anything like over extending their  limbs or even falling while holding a position. For these moments, it is essential to obtain trainer insurance since these events involve potentially harmful activities if a workout is done incorrectly.

Outdoor fitness activities, especially for yoga, should be stress free! Clients and trainers should be able to have an issue free workout session. Neither should any trainer have to worry about their enjoyable event turning from great to terrible within minutes because of an injury. However in some cases, complications are unavoidable. For those inevitable moments, trainers need to be insured.

CPH Insurance provides event insurance that will cover all outside classes offered by fitness instructors.Trainers can purchase an insurance policy for an entire year that can cover their outdoor fitness events. Special event insurance can be used for this exact purpose. This coverage is also portable which means that it provides coverage anywhere that the insured party is legally allowed to provide services. Purchase insurance today and be on your way to insured yoga sessions in the park, bootcamp on the hiking trails, or anywhere else you decide!

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