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Selling or Recommending Supplements? Know Your Risk

SELLING OR RECOMMENDING SUPPLEMENTS? KNOW YOUR RISK Many clubs, fitness facilities, fitness professionals and personal trainers have added the sale...

CPH Insurance May 6, 2020

Coronavirus & Telehealth: Am I Covered?

With growing concerns of Coronavirus, many therapists are exploring the idea of telehealth as a means of continuing therapy sessions...

CPH Insurance March 11, 2020

Jonathan Rubin, Attorney at Law

Lawyer Limelight Featuring Jonathan Rubin, Attorney at Law Jonathan Rubin has been practicing Medical Malpractice and Long-Term Care defense for over...

CPH Insurance November 25, 2019

Can Personal Trainers Give Nutrition Advice?

Health and fitness pros know that to help a client transform their body, you must address movement, lifestyle, and nutrition....

CPH Insurance August 6, 2019

Scam Targeting Therapists: What You Need to Know

A nationwide scam claims you'll be arrested for failing to appear in court - if you don't pay up. "I...

CPH Insurance July 9, 2019

Questions to Ask Before Taking Your Client’s Workout Outdoors

Summer is officially here! Longer days, surprise happy hours, barbecues and the beach - Can you blame your clients for...

CPH Insurance July 2, 2019

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