David Herbert

Club Member’s Claims of Willful and Wanton Conduct to Proceed Against Personal Trainer and Health Club

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - August 2018 As we have recommended several time in this column, pre-activity waivers of liability often...

David Herbert August 1, 2018

Exercise Equipment Injuries and Claims and Suits – Defending against Litigation

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - July 2018 As we have pointed out in various articles in this column, exercise equipment use...

David Herbert July 6, 2018

Running Treadmill Leads to Serious Injury and Suit – Waiver Does Not Protect the Club

Avoiding Liability Bulletin – June 2018 In a very recent and interesting case from New Jersey,[1] the plaintiff was injured...

David Herbert May 31, 2018

Specialized Activity Program Leads to Suit Against Personal Trainer and Gym

Avoiding Liability Bulletin – May 2018 In a very recent case from New Jersey,[1] the Plaintiff, a wheelchair bound quadriplegic,...

David Herbert May 1, 2018

Personal Trainers Take Note: Screening Standards Have Changed

Avoiding Liability Bulletin – April 2018 In late 2015, we reminded personal trainers and other fitness professionals of their obligation...

David Herbert April 3, 2018

Are Monthly Equipment Inspections Sufficient?

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - March 2018 A Case in Point In a relatively recent case from Wisconsin, a trial court...

David Herbert March 1, 2018

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