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TERMINATION AND REFERRAL – When Does the Duty to the Patient End?

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - May 2022 Note: The following article was first published on the CPH Insurance's website in March...

Richard Leslie May 1, 2022

Employment Agreements – Non-Compete Clauses

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - November 2020 NOTE: The following information was first published on the CPH & Associates’ website in...

Richard Leslie November 1, 2020

Patient Reveals Sex With Prior Therapist – Protecting the Public?

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - March 2019 In California, when a patient reveals to a psychotherapist that during the course of...

Richard Leslie March 1, 2019


Avoiding Liability Bulletin – July / August 2018 Administrative Due Process – The term “administrative due process” refers to the...

Richard Leslie July 10, 2018

Licensing Boards-It IS About Enforcement!

Avoiding Liability Bulletin – June 2018 REMINDERS … I have written in more depth about the reminders covered in this...

Richard Leslie May 31, 2018

Mental Illness, Guns and Dangerous Patients

Avoiding Liability Bulletin – April 2018 It seems that every time there is a mass shooting event, followed by an...

Richard Leslie April 3, 2018

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