Do I need to let CPH Insurance know if I’ve moved offices?

November 2018 Do I need to let CPH Insurance know if I've moved offices? The short answer is: If you...

CPH Insurance November 15, 2018

Ensured : A CPH Insurance Web Series to Ensure You’re Appropriately Insured

[embed][/embed] August 2018 As a mental or allied health professional, you're often times focused on providing the best care to...

CPH Insurance July 31, 2018

Lack of Assessment and Monitoring of Patient Leads to Her Death

Avoiding Liability Bulletin – July 18, 2018 It is important to keep in mind that when a patient injury or...

Nancy Brent July 18, 2018

LPN’s Appalling Conduct Leads to Lawsuit

Avoiding Liability Bulletin – July 1, 2018 I recently came across a narrative Online of a shocking case involving an...

Nancy Brent July 1, 2018

Nursing Staff’s Failure to Provide Proper Care Causes Patient’s Death

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - June 15, 2018 The following case1 reveals the unbelievable misconduct of the nursing staff while caring...

Nancy Brent June 15, 2018

What is the Difference Between an Allegation of Professional Negligence VS. Ordinary Negligence?

Avoiding Liability Bulletin –June 1, 2018 In past Bulletins, I have focused on the requirement of experts in any case...

Nancy Brent May 31, 2018

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