This month, we’d like to give a shout out to eye health and allied health professionals. Why? It’s Healthy Vision Month!

For Healthy Vision Month, naturally healthy eye care habits and appreciating opticians, optometrists, and orthoptists are top ways to celebrate! 6 easy ways to involve your patients, coworkers, friends and family include:

1. Scheduling regular eye exams

2. Supporting vision with exercise, healthy living, and no smoking

3. Wearing eye protection during sports and eye-threatening activities

4. Wearing sun protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays

5. Decorate with eye health posters

6. Share smart articles on eye health over social media

In addition to keeping your social circles informed, it’s important to note the major changes this year for families and newly insured. One big question on your patients’ minds is most likely a very simple coverage question: does Obamacare cover eye health?

Yes, Obamacare does cover vision and eye care – but only for minors. Pediatric vision and dental coverage is a staple of Obamacare that families that signed up in 2014 can look forward to! As adults, however, we still have to be vigilant and purchase separate coverage. Eye health and eye protection have long term ramifications on overall health, and are interrelated in many mental health afflictions. Eye disease has been closely correlated with depression, anxiety, and social withdrawal, causing overall impairment that when untreated, can eventually affect mobility also.

Optician professional liability and malpractice coverage is available through CPH insurance online or over the phone. Allied health professional coverage is available by occupation – check to see if your occupation is covered by CPH!

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