Even the healthiest among us is prone to succumbing to addictions, especially the everyday enemies like Caffeine. Wondering how to defeat this energy boosting vice and detox – body and mind?

When a trainer or student finds themselves avoiding the gym pre-caffeine-kick, they’re not alone. Caffeine is the world’s most consumed psychoactive drug, and has more people hooked than any other substance on Earth. Over 90% of adults in the USA report that they consume caffeine daily. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the hissing sound of an energy drink can – and we’re catapulted into jittery relief from fatigue that stems from our 24-hour lifestyles.

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, increasing alertness and preventing drowsiness. Whether we’re overworked or just over it, caffeine understand, and gives us that extra boost we need to beat the zzz’s. While coffee has been found to assist in the prevention of many diseases, it’s also been found to raise anxiety and blood pressure.

This repetitive spike in blood pressure raises the body’s response to caffeine- induced stress, increasing the risk for heart disease. Caffeine’s controversial ‘addiction’ produces a mild ‘drug dependence’, associated with symptoms such as fatigue, irritability and headaches when ceasing daily consumption.

Luckily, alternative forms of energy boosters are plentiful. Below are healthy, simple alternatives for energy “HIYAHS!” so 86 the caffeine!

The protein perk

Increasing protein intake diet improves concentration, supplies and maintains energy levels. Protein can be found meat, as well as in eggs, tofu, beans, chicken, nuts and seeds, and even some vegetables.

The apple approach

Apples contain contain approximately 13 grams of natural sugar for a natural rise, and unlike the quick boost of caffeine, apples are also complex carbs which gradually break down and releasing energy over a longer period of time, granting any athlete or Average Joe the ‘kick’ they crave.

The Hydration sensation

Often, we attribute lethargy to hunger and mistake dehydration for hunger pangs. Drinking a large glass of water will increase energy levels, promote youthful skin, ward off headaches and increases metabolism.

So start a trend in your gym or class, and kick the habit. Spread the word that caffeine isn’t necessary for energetic exercise and that a workout routine free of everyday addictions can provide the best overall results!

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