Spotlight Interview – Joe Moore

Joe is currently an in-home personal trainer located in Illinois. He previously sold fitness equipment and also worked in various gyms. Through these previous careers, Joe was able to build up his clientele which was helpful when beginning his work as an in-home personal trainer.

When did you start working in the field?

Joe has been working in the field since 1999, but didn’t start working as an in-home personal trainer until 2001.

Why did you start working in the field?

Joe joined the fitness industry because it was a good way to connect with others and to see people succeed. He also had always enjoyed working out in general, so he thought it would be the perfect career path. In addition, he wanted to be a part of people getting from point A to point B in their health journey.

Who/what was your biggest influence when you started your career path?

Joe’s biggest influence growing up was his love for sports. He would watch sports, mostly wrestling and martial arts, and look up to the athletes and want to be just like them. While he was growing up, he originally wanted to look like these athletes; however, over time, he realized that fitness isn’t about looks but it’s about the health benefits.

What is your favorite part about your career?

Joe’s favorite part about his career is seeing people get results. Whether it’s losing 20-30 pounds or gaining weight in muscle Joe loves being a part of that.

What is the most challenging part of your career?

Joe believes that the most challenging part about his career is keeping people committed and not cancelling sessions. He stated that he often gets excuses such as, “I’m too tired” or “I don’t have time” when in actuality, these aren’t excuses because there is always time! He stressed that you don’t necessarily need gym equipment to get in a good work out.

What piece of advice would you give emerging fitness professionals?

The advice Joe would give to emerging fitness professionals is to hold clients accountable. He explained that it is important to keep clients motivated and to push them to their limits. He said that you will be failing them if you’re not holding them accountable and continuously motivating them in their path to a healthier lifestyle.

What sets you apart from other fitness professionals?

Joe stands out from other fitness professionals because he is very well rounded. Because of his background in selling gym equipment, is he able to match people with their needs. He is also able to tailor workouts based on the different equipment available to his clients. He explained that personal training is a broad field, and that it takes a lot of skills. In addition to his equipment knowledge, Joe is a people-person and is able to listen to his clients, even when they come to him with non-workout related topics.

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