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Insured Spotlight….. What’s Your Story?


Karen Donadio, Aqua Instructor in Mount Pleasant, SC

After studying Recreational Therapy at Northeastern University, Karen Donadio spent 24 years working side-by-side the USWFA (United States Water Fitness...

CPH Insurance September 26, 2017

Michele Clark, Health Educator in Atlanta, GA

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of our insureds from the Atlanta, GA, area. Michele Clark is a Health...

CPH Insurance August 1, 2017

Rick Rubio: Kona’s Mobile Personal Trainer

How long have you been involved in the fitness industry? I recently opened a business in Kona, Hawaii called Kona...

CPH Insurance April 25, 2017

Spotlight Interview – Karim Tonsy

Background Information Karim is a fitness and dance professional as well as a personal trainer. Karim is a group fitness...

CPH Insurance March 16, 2017

Spotlight Interview – Dori Beals

Background Information Dori was previously a Licensed Professional Counselor but retired from this career about a year ago. She is...

CPH Insurance February 3, 2017

Spotlight Interview – Brian Hemping

Background information – What fitness career do you currently hold? I am currently a certified personal trainer in Nashville, TN....

CPH Insurance January 27, 2017

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