Asthma causes an obstruction of the airways. Muscle spasms constrict the bronchi, which prevent exhalation. Breathing is difficult. Most people who deal with this are prescribed inhalers but they really only provide short term relief because they don’t get to the root of the issue.

Because mucus causes inflammation in the bronchial tubes, in order to not deal with asthma ever again, we need to get rid of mucus in the body. So then the question is what creates mucus in the body.

This is the best question because actually, in trying to reverse asthma, you can reverse many different other ailments too because many of them are caused from mucus. Mucus build up is actually your body intelligently working to get rid of toxins. It is also a sign for us that something is wrong and our bodies are working to fight something internally and get it out of us.

There are a few things that create mucus in the body, such as meat, dairy, processed foods, sodas, stress, and negative attitudes or emotions like anger and frustration.

Not being so easily susceptible to anger and frustration takes lots of practice in mindfulness. Deep breathing exercises and yoga will help to strengthen the lungs, dissolve hardened mucus, and train the mind to be still. That moment off stillness allows us to become aware of the emotions we are feeling and make a conscious choice on how we decide to behave.

There are herbs that are great to rid the lungs of mucus and strengthen the respiratory system, such as

Mullein leaf
Slippery Elm bark
White Pine Bark
Yerba Santa

Essential oils are one of my favorite things and they are also good in assisting the lungs expel mucus and clear out the respiratory channels. You can add any of the following to a diffuser or your bath water.

Pine Bark
White camphor

And of course, dietary changes need to happen to keep asthma away. Asthma is caused by acid in the body creating mucus so we need to eat alkaline foods to lower the acidity. Raw organic fruits and vegetables are alkaline and alkaline water is another powerful tool that most people do not talk about. The benefits of drinking alkaline water are vast and include mitigating heart burn, which is a big issue for many Americans.

Start each day with warm water and lemon juice to purge mucus. Go on a juice fast 3 days of each month until your asthma is completely gone. Ingredients such as horseradish, ginger, broccoli and kale are great for alleviating inflammation and dissolving mucus in the respiratory system. Lots of healing juicing recipes for the respiratory system can be found in Akin Olokun’s book 75 Powerful Therapeutic Juices for Specific Health Ailments.

You don’t have to accept asthma as a life long sentence. Take control of your life by modifying your diet and lifestyle to live free of physical uncomfortability.

Bio: Earth’s Healing Café (EHC) was founded in 2010 with the intention of being the most therapeutic food establishment in the United States. Located in the Ravenswood neighborhood of the North side of Chicago, EHC is a place where conscious individuals work together with harmony and integrity to serve highest quality, medicinal foods that cleanse and nourish the body temple. In order to honor the sacredness of the human body, we only use the purest ingredients available, that come from the Earth’s womb.

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