I had the pleasure of interviewing one of our insureds from the Atlanta, GA, area. Michele Clark is a Health Educator who completed a 2-year Nutrition & Holistic Health program at the Integrative Nutrition Institute in New York. After spending most of her life in “Corporate America,” she decided to listen to the advice from her friends who kept pushing her to become a Health Educator. Having always been passionate about making a difference in holistic health and teaching women that it’s not “what they see in the mirror but WHO they see in the mirror,” she decided to pursue what she was born to do.

Now, Michele is building her career helping women and girls (primarily) manage their health from the inside out. Having recently been accepted to a Marriage and Family Therapy program, she plans to take her career to new heights by applying her education in holistic health and wellness to Marriage and Family Therapy in the very near future. We wish her all the best and know she’s destined for greatness!

Interview Highlights:

What is your focus? Who is your ideal client?

“Looking to lose 20 lbs in a month? I’m NOT the person for you. That “quick fix” is temporary. I prefer to focus on a more sustainable / long-term fix by identifying what underlying issues drive your behavior, beyond the surface. Anyone can find what things aren’t working for them and try to make their own dietary adjustments just through internet research these days, but my intent is to go beyond just the body by leveling the mind, body and soul.”

What would you say is the greatest benefit of being self-employed / pursing your passion as a Health Educator?

“I would have to say I have a ‘Top 2’

  1. The greatest benefit of all is the reward of seeing my clients find themselves from within and ultimately seeing them succeed by finally realizing that their life matters and that they bring value to this world. It’s really hard to put into words because it’s such a strong feeling.
  2. Flexibility – I’m calling you from Kauai because I was able to take an impromptu vacation with my husband. I can now prioritize my personal life and am ultimately in the driver’s seat for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.”

What do you find to be a challenge in your career as a Health Educator?

“I’m much more aware of my responsibility to practice what I preach. I hold myself accountable for not only myself, but most importantly the success of my clients.”

Who / what was your biggest influence when you began your career?

“’My old self’ inspired me to volunteer on behalf of a teen eating disorder support group. Between that and my friends continually encouraging me to pursue Health Education, I suppose that’s when it all started to take off.”

What advice would you give to emerging Health Educators?

“Having a specific field / target market will help give you that direction you need to start on your journey. Once you have that figured out, don’t wait until you know everything. Go outside your comfort zone and just go for it! Do it! You’ll figure it out as you go.”

To learn more about Michele Clark and the services she provides in the Atlanta, GA market, click here!

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