Deciding that you want to pursue a career in nursing is both challenging and exciting. As you make your way through nursing school, your professors and instructors will help prepare you for your career. Between the exams and clinicals, there’s a lot to keep up with. Nobody ever said nursing school is easy, and as a student you should be able to focus on the learning process without the added stress of a potential malpractice lawsuit. No matter how careful you may be, mistakes happen. In the medical field, these mistakes can be costly. Professional liability insurance for nursing students removes this burden of liability.

Clinicals are an essential part of nursing school. They give you hands-on experience and the opportunity to learn more than you ever could in a classroom. But as you begin to apply your knowledge in a supervised environment, there is some risk of liability. A malpractice lawsuit could end your career before it even begins if you are not protected. Coverage with CPH & Associates ensures that you will be protected in the event of malpractice litigation. The cost of professional liability insurance pales in comparison to the cost of defense, should you ever encounter a lawsuit.

CPH & Associates understands that nursing students are busy and they have enough to worry about, so applying for professional liability insurance is easy and straightforward. The application can be filled out online. Protecting yourself, your career, and your finances is important when you are first starting out, and as you grow in your career, your coverage can grow with you. CPH & Associates offers professional liability insurance for nurses, so even after you have finished school, your coverage can continue. Another valuable aspect of this coverage is not just legal protection, but defense before a regulatory board or licensing agency. You’re working too hard to earn your licensure to risk losing it in the beginning of your career.

Pursuing a career in nursing is a noble undertaking. The job isn’t easy, but CPH & Associates is here to support you and your future.

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