Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disorder in which the consumption of gluten can lead to damage of the small intestines, abdominal pain, and a multitude of other long-term health complications. Gluten is found in wheat, barley, rye grains. The only treatment for Celiac Disease is a strict gluten-free diet. Living with Celiac Disease brings uncertainty to any meal. It’s nearly impossible to piece every ingredient of a complex meal together. In many cases, it’s more than just the ingredients in actual meal, its also if it was manufactured with gluten products.

Nima, a potable gluten sensor from 6SensorLabs, is now available on the market to help those with Celiac Disease overcome meal uncertainty. Founder Shireen Yates came up with the idea after she accidentally left her gluten-free snacks at home during a wedding.Frustrated over the uncertainty of gluten in the wedding meals, she was determined to create a system that could test for gluten using a small food sample. With Nima, Shireen Yates has enabled people to now do just that, to ensure peace of mind and health. As a nutrition professional, you often encounter clients with strict diets due to allergies. Having this device can help provide an additional level of comfort for GF clients with serious autoimmune disorders.

As a response to the increase in Celiac awareness and devices like Nima, restaurants are becoming more aware of the growing need for more gluten-free food options, as well menus to cater to other allergies and dietary restrictions. Many of these restaurants are incorporating gluten-free pastas, quinoa, buckwheat and rice to substitute out gluten grains. As a nutrition professional, encourage your Celiac client to create a weekly menu with flavorful, nutritious gluten-free meals. For gluten-free meal inspiration, the Celiac Disease Foundation has also come out with a seven day gluten-free meal plan.

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