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CPH Insurance’s Special Event General Liability Insurance 101

September 2017 If you're hosting a special event, we encourage you to explore our 150+ event types we insure to...

CPH Insurance August 31, 2017

The Unique Benefits of CPH Personal Trainer Insurance

Having high quality, affordable personal trainer insurance provides peace of mind, financial and legal support in times of need, and...

CPH Insurance January 3, 2017

Are you Following Your Scope of Practice?

As a fitness trainer, personal trainer, yoga instructor, or nutritional coach, your scope of practice defines what you are qualified...

CPH Insurance December 29, 2016

Is your Personal Trainer Paperwork in Order? Check on your Client Waivers

Running a fitness trainer business means more than just seeing clients, developing training programs, and leading sessions. You also get...

CPH Insurance December 27, 2016

Could You, as a Personal Trainer, be Faced with a Medical Emergency?

Medical emergencies can throw the calmest training session into chaos in minutes. Reacting appropriately at the time could save your...

CPH Insurance December 22, 2016

Sexual Misconduct Claims – Every Fitness Trainer’s Worst Nightmare

When you train in a hands-on specialty, touching a client is often necessary to correct their form or support them....

CPH Insurance December 20, 2016

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