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Legal Model for Reintegration Therapy

In domestic relations and custody cases, courts may order that a therapist assist in reuniting a child and parent, when...

CPH Insurance June 15, 2016

Parental Rights to Access Child’s Records

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - October 2013 … When a child (under eighteen years of age) is the identified patient and...

Richard Leslie May 26, 2016

Treating Children – Selected Legal Issues

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - February 2013 … Therapists and counselors treat children both with and without the consent of one...

Richard Leslie May 26, 2016

Termination of Treatment

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - June 2005 … Here’s a common situation that often creates a dilemma for therapists. Suppose you...

Richard Leslie May 26, 2016

Duty to the Patient – Termination of Treatment and Understanding Your Patient – Therapist Relationship and Expectations

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - October 2008 Termination of Treatment: Part 1 (May 2005, Volume 1) … If the termination of...

Richard Leslie May 26, 2016

Treating Children

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - July 2005 … When can a therapist or counselor treat or provide other services to a...

Richard Leslie May 24, 2016

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