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Preparing Personal Trainers for Client Service – Education, Certification and/or Practical Training?

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - October 2017 The fitness industry has been focused on the qualifications of fitness professionals, particularly personal...

David Herbert October 1, 2017

Avoiding Exercise Equipment Injuries Saves Time, Aggravation and Money

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - September 1, 2017 Exercise equipment mishaps account for a frequent source of client injury, as well...

David Herbert August 30, 2017

When Releases and Waivers Don’t Work – Thoughts for Fitness Professionals

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - April 2017 We have devoted considerable time and space in this column to provide examples of...

David Herbert March 31, 2017

Daily Inspection of Exercise Band Helps Win Defendant’s Verdict – Upheld on Appeal

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - March 2017 While we have examined personal trainer duties and responsibilities in reference to the provision...

David Herbert March 1, 2017

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