Jacques Laventure also known as MTV’s the Naked chef began his career as a personal trainer  in LA California. Jacques founder of Fitness Joq and the 14 Day Meltdown Program has been training celebrity clients since 2008. Now a TV Personality and fitness trainer, Jacques runs a team of personal trainers who help people across the nation get healthy.

  • What made you decide you wanted to pursue this career path?
    Fitness restored my psyche when the 200 Credit crisis happened. I wanted to share my experience with others.
  • Who/what was the biggest influence when you were starting on this path?
    Timothy Ferris was a great influence when I started my career in the Health in Wellness sector.
  • What is the favorite aspect of your career?
    My favorite aspect of my career is making a difference in my clients world.
  • What sets your practice apart from others?
    Our practice sets us apart because its a lifestyle and loving approach to fitness. We focus on the Mind , Body and spirit connection
  • What do you think is 2015’s weirdest health fad?
    Waist trimmers
  • What are your 2015 Goals?
    Our Goal for 2015 is to open 4 Vegan Cafes / Wellness Shops and to build up to 1,000 trainers in our program that are helping people get healthy across the nation. I’ll also be going back out on tour beginning in October to help spread this message of health.

Additional Comments:

  • Would like to share that I am no different from others that struggle. When I fall off course I get back on. Take things step by step at your own pace and be results driven!

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