November 2018

Do I need to let CPH Insurance know if I’ve moved offices?

The short answer is: If you have General Liability, then yes. If you do not have General Liability, it may not be necessary. The long answer is as follows:

For your malpractice coverage, we only need to keep a mailing address on file. It’s portable coverage and follows you wherever you can legally provide services. If your new office is where you’d like to receive mail, then please update your mailing address in your customer portal. This will ensure you receive important information about renewing your policy.

If you’re not sure what you noted as your mailing address upon application, you can take a look at your Certificate of Insurance to determine. Your mailing address is what’s listed underneath your name towards the top left of the Certificate of Insurance. See example below:

If you have General Liability (Slip and Fall) coverage on your malpractice policy, it is very important you notify CPH Insurance of your updated office address and effective date of change. You can make any updates by emailing the new office location.

How do I know if I have General Liability coverage with CPH Insurance?

You would know if you have General Liability coverage by looking at your Certificate of Insurance. See examples below:

If you do not have General Liability, there would be an “N/A” noted next to the General Liability line item in the center graph on the Certificate of Insurance. You can see this represented in the above graphic on the left.

If you do have General Liability, the monetary limits of coverage would bet noted to the right of the General Liability line item in the center graph on the Certificate of Insurance AND your office address would be indicated just above the graph immediately following “General Liability Insured Location(s):” You can see this represented in the above graphic on the right.

What is General Liability?

General Liability is commonly known as “Slip and Fall” coverage. For more information regarding General Liability with CPH Insurance, click here.

For any policy changes, please login to your customer portal and click “Make changes to my policy.” If you don’t see what you’re looking for, email to request your specific need. General question about your existing or potential policy with CPH Insurance? Email or call 312-987-9823 during regular business hours (M-F 8:30 am – 5 pm CST) for assistance.


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