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Coronavirus & Telehealth: Am I Covered?

With growing concerns of Coronavirus, many therapists are exploring the idea of telehealth as a means of continuing therapy sessions...

CPH Insurance March 11, 2020

Scam Targeting Therapists: What You Need to Know

A nationwide scam claims you'll be arrested for failing to appear in court - if you don't pay up. "I...

CPH Insurance July 9, 2019

Business Income and Extra Expense Coverage

Business Income and Extra Expense Coverage - February 2019 CPH malpractice policy holders have the option to add Business Income...

CPH Insurance February 1, 2019

When and Why Should I Report a Claim or Subpoena?

Updated November 2023 Your duty as an insured is to report a subpoena, claim or potential claim as soon as...

CPH Insurance January 1, 2019

Do I need to let CPH Insurance know if I’ve moved offices?

November 2018 Do I need to let CPH Insurance know if I've moved offices? The short answer is: If you...

CPH Insurance November 15, 2018

Ensured : A CPH Insurance Web Series to Ensure You’re Appropriately Insured

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJ4i21D6hQY[/embed] August 2018 As a mental or allied health professional, you're often times focused on providing the best care to...

CPH Insurance July 31, 2018

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