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How therapists can get more private pay clients with Mentaya

As a therapist with a business background, I am a fierce advocate for therapists earning a good living. From my...

Guest Author September 13, 2023

Fees – Reminders

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - April 2019 Mental health practitioners confront a variety of issues dealing with fees over the course...

Richard Leslie April 1, 2019


Avoiding Liability Bulletin – July / August 2018 Administrative Due Process – The term “administrative due process” refers to the...

Richard Leslie July 10, 2018

Social Media Marketing for Therapists

From Facebook to Twitter, discover how your social media presence is important for attracting clients. As a therapist, your social...

Guest Author November 8, 2016

Advertising, Options for Patient Request for Copy of Records & Holding Insurers Accountable

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - November 2016 ADVERTISING   Advertising is one way in which therapists and counselors can attempt to...

Richard Leslie November 1, 2016

Advertising Yourself with Integrity

This article was written by Miranda Palmer with zynnyme.com, thank you Miranda for providing CPH Insurance with this article. Is...

CPH Insurance June 15, 2016

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