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The Top Five Ways Wellness Professionals Can Avoid Legal Liability

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - January 2023 Wellness professionals are an essential part of a vibrant health and wellness system. Wellness...

Guest Author February 6, 2023

How To Select A Niche For Your Coaching Business

How To Select A Niche For Your Coaching Business One of the most common topics, and potentially most important decisions...

Guest Author January 18, 2022

The Use of Waivers of Liability by Health and Fitness Trainers/Facilities to Protect Against COVID-19 Infection Claims and Litigation

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - July 2020 As of the date of writing this article, more than 3 million Americans have...

Guest Author July 30, 2020

Selling or Recommending Supplements? Know Your Risk

SELLING OR RECOMMENDING SUPPLEMENTS? KNOW YOUR RISK Many clubs, fitness facilities, fitness professionals and personal trainers have added the sale...

CPH Insurance May 6, 2020

Can Personal Trainers Give Nutrition Advice?

Health and fitness pros know that to help a client transform their body, you must address movement, lifestyle, and nutrition....

CPH Insurance August 6, 2019

Questions to Ask Before Taking Your Client’s Workout Outdoors

Summer is officially here! Longer days, surprise happy hours, barbecues and the beach - Can you blame your clients for...

CPH Insurance July 2, 2019

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