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Fitness Standard of Care

January 2019 In recent years the personal training industry has been growing rapidly. According to the National Strength and Conditioning...

Guest Author January 3, 2019

WITS Webinar: Exercise Equipment Injuries and Claims and Suits – Defending Against Litigation

In August 2018, WITS hosted "Exercise Equipment Injuries and Claims and Suits - Defending Against Litigation," a webinar featuring David...

CPH Insurance October 11, 2018

Boutique Gyms and Drop-in Classes: Good or Bad?

Travel enough, or jump around from gym to gym, and you’ll hear the topic of drop-ins come up a lot....

CPH Insurance July 20, 2016

How Boutique Gyms are Changing the Fitness Industry

A whopping 67% of gym memberships are never used, according to a recent study done by Berkeley undergraduates. While the...

CPH Insurance

ClassPass Pros and Cons for Boutique Gyms

ClassPass started out in a couple of major cities with a handful of participating gyms, and has now expanded to...

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