Nonprofit organizations are a mainstay of our society. Mental & Allied Health professionals of all kinds run charitable work – but may not realize that even volunteer work requires insurance coverage. Nonprofit board members specifically are not aware that they may be held personally liable for the actions of the organization.

The duties of directors and officers are performance related, and can protect against employment practice issues. Some types of claims can include;

  • Donors – Donor claims are claims resulting from those who make donations to the organization.
  • Government Organizations – Law violations claims
  • Third Parties – These can include various lawsuits such as intellectual property and copyright issues.
  • Employees & Volunteers – Discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, etc.
  • Members – Claims made to protect the interests of the members.
  • Beneficiaries/clients – Recipients of the organization’s services may file claims against the organization.

Directors and Officers Insurance acts as a layer of protection, offering volunteer board members security and peace of mind in all their nonprofit ventures.

Nonprofit Directors and Officers Liability Insurance program offers flexible policies to meet the needs of various organization types and liability coverage. Coverage options include:

  1. Directors & Officers Liability
  2. Employment Practices Liability with Third Party coverage
  3. Fiduciary Liabilit

CPH & Associates recommends that companies find coverage by clicking here. This coverage is backed by Philadelphia Insurance Companies, an A++ (superior) rated company by A.M. Best. Nonprofit Directors and Officers Insurance is available for, but not limited to, Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center Insurance, Area Health Education Center Insurance, and Charitable Organization Insurance. Other organizations include: Counseling Centers, Daycares, English as a Second Language Programs, Food Banks, Fundraising Foundations, Goodwill Industries, Homeless Shelters, Mental Health Associations, Respite Care Centers, Tutoring Centers, Job Training, Women’s Shelters, and Youth Associations.

Learn more about liability coverage for directors and officers click here – or call CPH toll-free at 800-875-1911.

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