A claim of negligence can be expensive to fight and potentially damaging to your practice, so it is important that all Audiologists are protected from claims such as this with Professional Liability Insurance. Professional Liability Insurance guarantees that you have someone on your side when allegations of malpractice are made against you. Negligence claims can take a variety of forms.

Three examples for Audiologists include:

  1. Documentation and Record Keeping: Keeping proper medical records is part of your job as an Audiologist. These files are not just for your review, but they may someday be reviewed by other Audiologists, Physicians, and even Lawyers. Improper documentation can lead to legal implications. Notes should be very detailed and must be legible. Errors can take a variety of forms, from omitted information to non-professional or biased remarks in the clinical notes. Disorganized files can lead to clinical errors, so it is important that notes are orderly. Even if you make no mistake in your rendering of services, improper documentation can lead to a malpractice suit.
  2. Cerumen Removal: In some cases, wax removal is a prerequisite to comprehensive care. It is important to note that this is not always the case though. In some states it is not included in the scope of audiology practice, and some states even specifically exclude it. Practicing beyond the scope of training or education can lead to a negligence complaint. When complications are encountered, it is important that those doing the cerumen removal are trained and qualified to perform such a procedure.
  3. Ear Impressions: Taking ear impressions can be a risky procedure for Audiologists to perform. Though this is a routine procedure, rushing or not paying proper attention can lead to complications and permanent damage of the outer, middle, and inner ear, which can lead to a lawsuit against your practice.

Even the most routine aspects of your job require careful attention to detail. Carelessness can lead to serious complications for you patients. Giving your patients your full attention is the best way to prevent a complaint of negligence. In the event that you encounter a malpractice suit, CPH & Associates works to protect you. Professional Liability Insurance for Audiologists is essential to protecting your practice and your license.

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