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Can Personal Trainers Give Nutrition Advice?

Health and fitness pros know that to help a client transform their body, you must address movement, lifestyle, and nutrition....

CPH Insurance August 6, 2019

Questions to Ask Before Taking Your Client’s Workout Outdoors

Summer is officially here! Longer days, surprise happy hours, barbecues and the beach - Can you blame your clients for...

CPH Insurance July 2, 2019

Fitness Professionals Alert: Attention to Details Can Avoid Suit

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - August 2017 Two relatively recent court decisions point out the need for health and fitness facilities...

David Herbert August 10, 2017

Scope of Practice Issues for Fitness Professionals

Fitness professionals are presently not regulated by any United States jurisdiction except in Louisiana which currently regulates Clinical Exercise Physiologists...

David Herbert June 15, 2016

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