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Scam Targeting Therapists: What You Need to Know

A nationwide scam claims you'll be arrested for failing to appear in court - if you don't pay up. "I...

CPH Insurance July 9, 2019

Proper Placement of Exercise Equipment is Important for Client Safety and to Avoid Suit

A June 2015 case from California should remind all fitness professionals to comply with equipment manufacturers’ instructions when assembling, placing...

David Herbert June 15, 2016

Nutritional Advice by Personal Trainers: Is it Legal?

Recent litigation as well as an examination of the practices of many personal trainers raises a number of questions about...

David Herbert June 15, 2016

Personal Trainers Beware – A $14.5 Million Jury Verdict in Connecticut

In a rather startling and very recent case from Connecticut1, a jury has returned an extremely large verdict against a personal...

David Herbert June 15, 2016

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