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Are You A Size-Friendly Trainer?

May 2019 Weight loss is a perfectly acceptable goal of fitness, especially if it’ll improve a person's overall health. As...

CPH Insurance May 22, 2019

2017 Marketing Resolutions for Personal Trainers

Becoming a sought after personal trainer requires hard work, motivation, excellence in both training and client care, and the ability...

CPH Insurance January 19, 2017

Could You, as a Personal Trainer, be Faced with a Medical Emergency?

Medical emergencies can throw the calmest training session into chaos in minutes. Reacting appropriately at the time could save your...

CPH Insurance December 22, 2016

As a Personal Trainer, Could You Be Held Liable for a Client’s Slip and Fall?

It seems like everywhere you look, someone is threatening to sue someone else. How can you, a fitness trainer, protect...

CPH Insurance December 14, 2016

When Your Gym’s Insurance Isn’t Enough, What Do You Do?

Fitness instructors are often very vulnerable to lawsuits. Because a fitness instructor’s profession requires that they physically train clients, there...

CPH Insurance July 20, 2016

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