The blood bank, that is!

Blood Bank Technicians need professional liability insurance too. The work of blood bank technicians is important. From collecting blood, labeling samples, and preparing blood for transfusions, it is vital that everything they do adheres to the proper standard of care.

Maintaining proper documentation and records is essential, and when a blood bank technician fails to do so, someone’s life may be on the line. In the event of negligence, blood bank technicians will be held accountable for their actions. Because of this, professional liability insurance for blood bank technicians is a necessity. There are several incidents that can occur that would result in a medical malpractice suit for a blood bank technician.

  1. Giving the wrong test results. Understandably, the result of giving someone the wrong test results can be fatal. If the wrong blood type is given to a patient, the consequence can be fatal. If someone has a blood test to determine a serious disease, and the wrong test results are given, the patient could die without proper treatment.
  2. Losing Blood. If a technician is not careful, they can lose blood or fail to store it properly.
  3. Mixing the blood up with the wrong person. This is particularly dangerous when blood transfusions are given or when blood needs to be tested, and proper labeling is key to preventing a mix up.

Whenever a blood bank technician fails to meet these standards of care, they can face serious legal repercussions. Lawsuits aren’t the only thing technicians have to be mindful of; complaints made to a regulatory board could result in a technician losing their license. Professional liability insurance for blood bank technicians exists to provide legal defense in the event of a lawsuit and also defense against complaints to a regulatory board or licensing agency.

All allied healthcare professionals are advised to invest in professional liability insurance, and blood bank technicians are no exception. Professional liability insurance allows blood bank technicians to devote their full attention to the work they are doing without having to worry about potential litigation.

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