Can the school be covered on a Student Blanket Policy?

Yes, the school may also be covered for an additional charge of 25% of the students’ total annual premium. When a lawsuit results from a student’s action, the school will often be named in the suit. This policy will provide coverage for the school when it is named in the same claim or suit for damages for which a student and /or faculty member insured under the policy is also named, however, it will not provide coverage for a claim or suit if the school is solely named.

I am a recent graduate from school. What do I do?

If you are an intern/post-master’s AND you are required by your state to complete a number of supervised hours towards a license, you are eligible for the “Intern” rate. If you are currently insured and originally applied under student or trainee status, you must upgrade your policy to reflect your new employment status.

After you have completed your intern hours and receive your full state licensure or certification, you may be eligible for the 50% savings the first year off of your professional rate at the time of your next renewal. This rule is subject to review based on the state you live in.

What kind of courses are acceptable to take the risk management discount?

Law and ethics, HIPAA. A minimum of 4 CEU’s completed within 24 months prior to your policy effective date is required unless you can demonstrate that your state requires a lesser number of CEU’s to fulfill re-licensing requirements for either Law, Ethics, or HIPAA.

If you are not sure if the course you have taken fulfills your state requirements, contact the course administrator or your licensing board. Typically, the course must include the words “Law,” “Ethics,” or “HIPAA” in its title to qualify for our discount.