Does CPH Insurance offer Business Income and Extra Expense coverage?

Yes. CPH malpractice policy holders have the option to add Business Income & Extra Expense Coverage if they also add...

gccdev January 19, 2023

Does this policy cover online therapy (also called e-therapy or Internet therapy)?

Yes - provided such practice is authorized or allowable under the scope of your license in the state where you...


Does CPH Insurance offer Cyber Liability?

Yes, cyber liability coverage is extended to our mental and allied health professionals as a claims-made endorsement. We do not...


What is a retroactive date? Does my policy have one?

Policies written on a Claims-Made basis contain a specific date on which coverage begins (commonly known as the "retroactive date")...


Can I cover my administrative staff?

If you have a group/corporate policy, administrative staff are covered automatically and do not need to be listed on the...


What does “separate limits” mean on the Group Entity application?

If you have a corporation providing mental health services, it can be sued separately as its own entity in addition...


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