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Is My Gym’s Liability Waiver Enough?

A workout injury can happen to anyone, no matter the experience or fitness level. It's possible that heavy lifting or...

CPH Insurance April 4, 2019

Club Member’s Claims of Willful and Wanton Conduct to Proceed Against Personal Trainer and Health Club

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - August 2018 As we have recommended several time in this column, pre-activity waivers of liability often...

David Herbert August 1, 2018

Exercise Equipment Injuries and Claims and Suits – Defending against Litigation

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - July 2018 As we have pointed out in various articles in this column, exercise equipment use...

David Herbert July 6, 2018

Running Treadmill Leads to Serious Injury and Suit – Waiver Does Not Protect the Club

Avoiding Liability Bulletin – June 2018 In a very recent and interesting case from New Jersey,[1] the plaintiff was injured...

David Herbert May 31, 2018

Specialized Activity Program Leads to Suit Against Personal Trainer and Gym

Avoiding Liability Bulletin – May 2018 In a very recent case from New Jersey,[1] the Plaintiff, a wheelchair bound quadriplegic,...

David Herbert May 1, 2018

Personal Trainers Take Note: Screening Standards Have Changed

Avoiding Liability Bulletin – April 2018 In late 2015, we reminded personal trainers and other fitness professionals of their obligation...

David Herbert April 3, 2018

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