Leslie Kelly is a certified TRX Circuit Trainer at a boutique gym, TrainSmarter located in Birmingham, AL. TrainSmarter is a boutique gym that specializes in assessing muscle imbalances and structuring workouts around these imbalances. At TrainSmarter, the personal trainers recognize the importance of setting goals and using the safest approaches in order to reach these goals.

When did you start working in the field?

Leslie started her career in fitness about 2 and a half years ago.

Why did you decide to start working in the field?

Leslie has two daughters, and was a stay at home mom up until her children were in school full time. When she had more free time, she started to get in shape and developed a passion for fitness. Ever since, she has dedicated her time to helping others reach their fitness goals as well. Leslie was lucky enough to begin her career at TrainSmarter, a gym she had been attending prior to becoming a trainer.

Who/what was your biggest influence when you were starting on your career path?

Leslie explained that the initial spark behind her passion for fitness was her personal motivation to be in the best shape and live a healthy lifestyle. In addition, the owner of TrainSmarter, Susan, has been a great influence on Leslie as well. Susan has had 40 years of experience in the fitness industry and Leslie lives by her philosophy: “Build strength in the gym, lose weight in the kitchen.”

What is your favorite aspect of your career?

Leslie’s favorite part about her career is seeing her clients become stronger. Whether it’s been a week or a year, she loves being able to pinpoint that she’s made a difference in someone’s life. Seeing people grow makes it all worth it to her.

What is the most challenging aspect of your career?

Leslie believes that the hardest part of her career is keeping her programs and workouts fresh, so that her clients don’t get bored. She understands that doing the same exact workout over and over again will only decrease the motivation levels and results. Therefore, she strives to stay current and new in her workout programs.

What advice would you give to emerging fitness professionals?

Leslie’s advice to emerging fitness professionals is to find a gym that’s a home away from home. She explained that it’s important to find a “home gym” where you’re working with others who are constantly inspiring you and motivating you to learn as much as you can and be the best you can be.

What sets you apart from others in your field?

Leslie stands out from others in her field because she is working in a Boutique gym setting. This allows her to build real relationships with her clients and keeps them wanting to come back.  

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