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Can Personal Trainers Give Nutrition Advice?

Health and fitness pros know that to help a client transform their body, you must address movement, lifestyle, and nutrition....

CPH Insurance August 6, 2019

Questions to Ask Before Taking Your Client’s Workout Outdoors

Summer is officially here! Longer days, surprise happy hours, barbecues and the beach - Can you blame your clients for...

CPH Insurance July 2, 2019

Are you Responsible for your Fitness Client’s Injury due to Improper Form?

In a litigious society, the chance of someone filing a claim regarding a (real or imagined) injury is always something...

CPH Insurance December 15, 2016

Providing Personal Training Services Off-Site

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - November 2016 Many personal trainers and other fitness professionals provide a variety of services on and...

David Herbert November 4, 2016

Personal Trainers and Nutritional Supplements – Sell or Don’t Sell?

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - October 2016 The sale of vitamins, nutritional supplements, sports drinks and other similar consumables is big business...

David Herbert October 17, 2016

What’s Needed to Apply for Fitness Insurance, and How Long Does it Take?

Trainer insurance is fairly easy to apply for. If you are properly trained as a fitness instructor you can apply...

CPH Insurance July 20, 2016

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